We work with a local molding supplier in Holmes County, Ohio. We hand craft molding to match any existing molding style you have in your home. That means you don't have to replace all of the molding throughout your house or change its style.

​If you don't need custom-matched molding, we'll order and install the look you want.

Wood Selections:


We work with Keim Lumber, a molding supplier in Amish country. The repeatability and quality in the moldings they produce is why we choose to use them. To place an order or to get a quote please fill out contact form on our page or feel free to call our office.


Base molding adds style and beauty to any room and makes the flooring and wall transition much more pleasing to the eye.


Casing is generally used on the perimeter of doors and windows, but casing can be used for many other finishes as well.


Crown molding adds charm, style, and value to any room. Crown molding is generally used for capping walls, cabinets, and pilasters.